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  • Hello C2 community,

    I read the tutorial about ?Supporting multiple screen sizes?. To be honest I understood many things but also couple of things were unclear.

    From my understanding I think it is not possible to create one project for multiple mobile operating systems.

    I would like to know if you are developing a game for Android, IOS, Tizen and Windows phone how would you setup the project window size and Layout size?

    To the PRO?s I mean people who are experts in C2, would it be not better to create a template for each operating system and submit to the community.

  • I think you missed the point of the tutorial. Everything the tutorial describes works on all platforms and operating systems. (The one exception is CocoonJS which doesn't support letterbox modes.)

    The simplest way to solve it is just use letterbox scale mode. Now it scales the game for any size screen on any system, with black bars down the side. The rest of the article is more detail about aspect ratios and other features.

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  • Ashley sorry maybe i really missed it. I am reading again and will try out the ratios as explained. I was confused because i tried alot of resulotions and exported it to intel xdk new back and forth.

    I read in another tutorial "How to export to the Intel XDK" that "The letterbox fullscreen modes are not supported. If they are selected, it will fall back to simple Scale mode instead."

    Again thanks for the reply.

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