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  • Hey guys,

    I used to be able to preview my game on my phone just fine, but a couple months ago it suddenly stopped working and haven't been able to get it working since.

    Here's the rule for my Norton firewall, that used to work:

    Mobile Preview Rule - ALLOW, Inbound/Outbound, Local Subnetwork, Protocol: TCP, Port: 50000-50100

    I can get it to preview on my computer without error messages, but if I try to access it on my phone (Android 4.4, Chrome) it claims that the website could not be found. I've tried different ports and browsers.

    Getting kinda tired of making builds in Intel XDK just to test performance

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  • now im having this same problem!

    anyone has an idea?

  • now im having this same problem!

    anyone has an idea?

    Might want to avoid bumping over 2 year old threads, but I'm going to reply because I think I remember what the issue was. You can try going to Preferences->Preview->LAN address and click [...] to update it. In my case, my internet connection had dropped, changing the address.

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