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  • Hello everyone,

    I am not active on these forums but as a c2 user i have read plenty of posts and i noticed the dissatisfaction in the mobile performance...

    I think this might change some peoples opinion:

    this is a full on fast paced action game i have developed using the c2 engine and i was very satisfied with the results. At points there are about 100 enemies on screen and over 200 objects. It does however lag OCCASIONALLY(like when you kill 20 enemies at once) on an android 2.3 but it is minimal to none on the later versions.

    I accomplished this by basically testing every single time i added a new asset or any big chunk of events. The backgrounds are made of three tiled images and i used no images with an alpha channel.

    And most importantly, i grouped all my events(like every action that happens in the game is in a group) and explicitly turned them off when they were not used and switched them on when they were. Like if i was shooting, the group is on. If not, it is off. Anyways just wanted to share that. Here is the HTML5 version:

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  • dvelez60, thanks for that. I will check it out later.

  • Nice work and congrats! Care to tell a bit more about your workflow? Did you use CocoonJS?

  • Thanks :)

    Yes i did use cocoonJS that is very important, can't believe I missed that part...

    And as far as workflow, I actually had all my art completed before i started the project because i actually made it as a flash game first but the performance was pretty terrible (poor coding)...

    The most tedious part of this project was that i have 12 playable characters that behave differently so i couldn't exactly use families so it was a lot of copying code and changing things like speed, bullet type, etc. This was my first major C2 project so i did get stuck from time to time so the workflow wasn't the most efficient, i found myself searching the forums a lot for answers.

    And btw if anyone hasn't noticed, in the cocoonJS launcher, even if you don't have any objects or code, THE FRAME RATE WILL DROP BY 40 EVERY X SECONDS.

    At least on an ipod 4. The launcher has pretty bad performance so i would just export project to a folder, upload that zip to cloud compiler, and in the folder of the first zip i have another folder which i store allll of my downloads from the cloud and then upload my debug to dropbox and download to my HTC G2 (droid 2.3)..

    I also have to say that I used very low end hardware for development (dell notebook).

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