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  • I want to ask everyone here:if html5 is very low performence on mobile browser?

    My link is here:

    I test it on iphone 4 ,it's 4fps.

    And 13fps on my andriod tablet.

    Can anyone tell me if I missing something or it's true?

    I don't realize that with this simple layout it's fps is so low....

  • Have you read performance tips?

    We're actively working on some features to improve mobile performance.

  • Ashley

    what does fp means and how much does mobiles need?? do mobiles need alot like 50+ or low number of fp like 5-15?

  • zsangerous:

    About 30 fps should be sufficient.

    Edit: oh, and FPS means "Frames per second"

  • Nimtrix thanks ^^

  • i think mobiles still need to improve a lot in html5.. my test is running at 2fps in samsung galaxy s.. on desktop it runs at 60. I would like to test it at an ipad2 to see its performance

  • Well today I had possibility to test my simple game on multiple platforms on their native browsers. The bigger the screen size on the device, the lower the performance, so tablet's aren't really good target right now. BlackBerry was running my HTML5 game with nearly solid 60FPS. Android tablet gave 9FPS. Iphone3 around 50FPS, but it was really laggy. I had really hard time playing my game with Iphone3 because of the constant lags(FPS dropping to 9). I've been spending lot's of time investigating the fastest and smartest ways to build games with Construct2. My plan is to release some templates for people who maybe have some trouble getting their games on mobile devices and an example of fast fluid simulation to make similar games to Where's my water.

  • Hi,after some tests with my ipad2 here's the result.

    Physic game with 20 physics objects some of them immovable.

    -Pc and firefox:60fps.

    -Ipad2 and safari, hosted in my site:25fps(pretty good i have to say)

    -Ipad2 through appMobi:5 fps!!!

    Ashley what should i expect with appmobi direct canvas?the same result as my test with ipad2(around 25fps)?


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  • This C2-made game that also uses the physics behaviour runs consistently at over 40 fps on my iPad 2 with iOS 5.1. It's possible to make fun and playable HTML5 games with C2 that work fine on mobiles, though I agree that most I see are sluggish and unresponsive (this isn't limited to C2-made ones).

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