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  • Hi,

    im trying to make a jump n run game for mobile devices, targeting mainly the firefox os phones availalble at the moment.

    The problem is, i dont get a good performance, at first i thought ok, too many sprites, to big sprites, not the best project preference configuration and so on.

    Then i followed all the tips from the mobile performance tutorial and reduced the game to a minimum (Player with jumpnrun bevaiour, three controller sprites and some solid tiled background for platforms, 3 events in eventsheet) for testing, to make it short, its faster now but not realy playable, even in this state.

    Did i do something horribly wrong?

    you can find the game under

    the cpax und

  • Can you provide details of the device you're testing on?

  • oh yes, did forget that

    tested it on

    -Alcatel One Touch Fire (Firefox OS 1.1), max 10fps

    -Xperia Ray (Android ics), ~16fps

    -Google Nexus 7 (Android jellybean), 57-60fps

    the alcatel isnt the fastest mobile phone but there are many many games with much more stuff that run normal

  • "Did i do something horribly wrong?"

    I think so, because the CPU usage hits 100% and the game lags even on my laptop (it's rather old, but 2Ghz should be enough for such a simple test)... However, i can't be bothered to check the .capx because it's made with a newer version of C2 (i seriously cannot redownload the same >100MB every time a new update comes out >_<).

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  • I ran this from r150, no issues in IE11, FF, safari, chrome.

    Though, I did notice it only ran at just above 50 fps. :\a

  • AFAIK Firefox OS is still using Firefox 18, which is old enough to still have a bug which can kill performance. Hopefully a future update will bring them up to Firefox 25+ which should be nice and fast.

    The stock browser on Android is pretty poor - try Chrome on the Xperia Ray if you weren't using it already and it should be a lot faster.

    And the Nexus 7 seems to be working nicely :)

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