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  • Hi everyone!

    I have a game that when being played in browser on mobile, loads one layout and when on desktop loads a different layout. The mobile layout uses about 25mb of image memory, which as far as I know should be ok (correct me if i'm wrong). The layouts are loaded from my loader layout.

    The desktop layout uses significantly more and would definitely crash on mobile if loaded.

    The problem is, it's still crashing on mobile! Is construct loading images from the heavy layout, even if that layout isn't used on mobile? Any other ideas as to what could be causing the crash would be appreciated.

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  • So the problem definitely has to do with the total number of image memory in the project, even if those images are never used in a layout. Maybe my attempted solution was naive of me?

    For reference, on an iPad 2, the application crashes when switching to a layout from the loader layout if there is somewhere between 650-700 mb of image memory being used. Seems to load pretty consistently when its <= 600mb

    I know basically nothing about the specifics of whats going on here so if anyone could shed some light on it, it would be much appreciated.

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