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  • Hi, I've begun creating a game (side scrolling platformer) that I want it for mobile phones and I know that I have to be careful with the performance, so I have some questions about this. Maybe those who already made games for mobile, in construct 2, have some experience and can give me some suggestions.

    1. What resolution should I use , between this two, 1280x720 or 854x480 ?

    2. Should I use one tilemap (512x512px) or two tilemaps (each of 512x512), one for collision and the other one just to cover the "spots" ? (I'm thinking of this to reduce the number of collisions).

    Here is what I am talking about: ... n.jpg?dl=0

    3. Is it ok if I use 5-6 layers per layout (background, tilemap, props, player, HUD, etc..) ?

    For characters animations I will use as few sprites as possible, I will not use the particle plugin but I will use the sine behavior a lot to make the animations more dynamic.

    Thanks !

  • 1. I think 1280*720 (personnaly, I use 1440*1920)

    2. Use two tilemaps.

    3. You can use 10 layers without problem.

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  • Thanks !

  • As long as the game is not too intensive with stuff like physics or particles I think even a 1080p game would be fine.

    If you are pushing for 5-6 year old phones too, I think a better way to handle this would be a good options menu to toggle these things off. (This way people with higher end phones can enjoy a better looking game)

  • Good point, TRMG.

  • the resolution really doesn't matter as size, as long as you have the 16:9 aspect ratio, which is the 1280x720 screen

  • Hey, gamecorpstudio, good to know this !

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