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  • I've been using Construct 2 with the hope to make app store games.

    I'm now finding out that html5 mobile games aren't looked upon favorably by the app store due to their use of the UIWebview feature. I have built my app with Cordova and Phonegap and have it working correctly on my device but getting it approved by the app store is another thing.

    There seems to be minimal C2 made apps in general. I find many more made with Unity, Gamemaker or Clickteam Fusion. I've invested some time into development using C2. I think the design skills I've learned with C2 will end up being transferred to another program for the sake of better exporting tools. If I could simply create an Xcode project from a capx file I'd be ok; a search result doesn't return any information that isn't dated back to using cocoon.js. Intel XDX no longer supports Cordova either.

    I'm relieved there are games available through Steam made with C2. Until I can be sure that C3 will provide successful builds for IOS or Android store I couldn't invest time or money. The process to export to mobile seems to be constantly changing and therefore unstable for future development.

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  • There are many games in App Store I made myself for either me or my customers. I've never encountered any problems with approval due to fact it's an HTML5 game.

    They can reject for not having "restore purchases" option and things like that but I never heard of rejection due to the app architecture. Are you sure that's the case or is it your guess?

  • Yes, i have posted some games myself made in construct 2 !

    As long as you are not breaking their rules i do not think there is any problem whatsoever with construct 2 game.

  • made with C2. Is both on android and ios. and it works fine, i would never ever guess that it was made with C2. because it works just like other games made with unity or other tools. anyway if you are looking for another game more successful search for " There is no game " on the android only. Its close to reaching 5M+ downloads. It doesnt matter if its made in C2 or Unity, if its good people will play it.

  • Thanks for replies. It is very encouraging to know that users here have made it onto the app store. I gave it one more go with Phonegap Build and now I have my app approved for device testing. It means all those prototypes and demos with C2 won't be wasted. Looking hopeful! Sorry for the frustrated rant.

    I guess now if anyone struggles with Phonegap and Itunes Connect I can give some help. The last Phonegap to App store tutorial I read was using Intel XDX which is no longer supporting Cordova.

  • Yes, we need some tutorials to show us how to get into the appstore since XDK is no longer working. Since I'm not a real software person, I can't figure it out. I have about 9 apps in apple's app store and I need to make updates, but can't. I did use phonegap build, but any layout that used pathfinder would not load (in the past with XDK it worked fine). Also, I read on these forums that with phonegap, the app is made with notifications, which isn't allowed for kid's games - so phonegap isn't an option.

  • I use Cocoon io to build my games for iOS and Android, there are many tutorials on this site by Andy

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