Does mobile app need internet to run ?

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  • hello every body i am a little bit confused i want to ask if i make a game

    for mobile devices in C2 and used phone gap or ludei or intelxdk the app

    wich will be created need internet to run.

    ex: i am in the bus and i want to play the game in my ipodtouch and there is no internet does it run?

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  • Hi tnindie,

    Yes the app will run without an internet connection. But be aware that there may be some things you need a connection for, e.g. IAP's, Ads etc.

    Hope that helps

  • hi thanks Blacksmith for the reply

    any exemple please <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hey tnindie,

    If you need to get someone's attention, it is best to add the before their name. That way they will be alerted to your message.

    Not sure what you mean by an example? If you mean an example of when you'd need to have an internet connection, see above.

    As mentioned you would need an internet connection if a user wanted to make an IAP (In App Purchase), or if you wanted to display ads in your app.

    For anything further, you can just make a simple game yourself. Then export to cocoonjs, and run on your phone!


  • Currently I can still only access the phone via chrome browser on PC. Accessing properly via android phone is not possible. If I follow email notifications I can jump into a particular thread and reply, but accessing the forums and browsing is pretty impossible. Even using a chrome browser on my phone isn't worth the hassle.

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