Mobile Ads - to Video or not to Video?

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  • Hi there, came here after an advise from sage people

    I integrated Appodeal in Intel XDK for Android build and went for Skippable Video and Interstitial. But, here is a question for experienced devs:

    Seeing a video Ad will increase mobile network usage for people who are not connected to WiFi, causing them to lose their precious (and sometimes expensive) MB's.

    Not to be a total prqrf@ck to users I believe Video ads should not be included. That decreases the revenue, but will not beat users' pockets.

    So question - were you in this situation, and is there a workaround? Like is there a way to detect whether a user is not using WiFi on an Android device?


  • Actually, video ads don't really uses that much data. It actually downloads one time and then caches off your phone. That's why you see some of the same ads sometimes.

    So go ahead and display those Video ads bro.

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    Cheers mate, thanks for help!

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