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  • hi guys,

    Maybe it's a bit too fierce as first thread topic LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    but is it possible to make some kinda mmorpg using construct2?

    I read the recent blog post that now we can make real time multiplayer game with construct2

    so maybe mmorpg with many classes, items, monsters and dungeons and raid things also can?

    Btw, I'm too retard, gave up unity3D and also gave up coronaSDK LOL

    Let's see how long I can stick with construct2 this time LOL

  • Yes, you can make "some kinda MMORPG with Construct 2", but is not easy ... RPGs and Multiplayer games are the most complex/hard to make.

    First you should start with the basics: Read the manual and the platform game tutorial. Also keep your expectations low (don't expect to make a great game in just a few days).

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  • MMO's > RPGS >Strong narrative games(GTA) should be avoided by small man teams. They are robust and have so many areas that it's a daunting task.

    Can C2 do it. Well as I always say. "The question isn't what C2 can do. It's what you can do with C2". And that still holds here. There really isn't a limit to C2 that any other game has done. It all comes down to the developer.

    And an MMO is just very daunting. However as always "good fortune to you and your efforts"

  • TGeorgeMihai


    wow you guys seriously

    you guys encouraged me so much and gave me more than enough and crystal clear answer!!!!

    Thank you so much really.

    "The question isn't what C2 can do. It's what you can do with C2"

    This phrase really got me.

    tytyty!!! I won't give up and keep learning construct2 this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hm. It might be capable of, but expect to put a couple years of work just for creating the game and minor polishing. I'd say go for Unity3D, should have more tutorials and all. You will need a dedicated programmer and also a networking programmer, besides artists and other stuff.

    But really, don't start that high, for MMORPGs you don't just need to know how to make it, you need to know how to balance and how to create pull and constant interest for it. And for that you need a top notch game design background that includes psychology and a bit of economics. Well, you can always hire a game designer I guess.

  • This is the sort of game that is best made through an accumulation of your work over the years. If you just go 'let's build an MMO!" you are going to have a really hard time, and I dare say never even get close to finishing it.

    Break it down into what you need to do. Combat systems and text systems are amongst the hardest things to make, and you need to make sure that your design is 100% compatible with MP. I spent some months on a combat system and earlier this year had to revamp it considerably to fit into MP. Then just this week while working on the New Grounds comp I found a much, much easier way of handling all my customisation menus, which if I were to make a full MMO would save me literally days to weeks of programming.

    Also bear in mind that C2 has no inbuilt login/online storage yet, meaning you need to find other ways of going about it. I read somewhere that they plan to add it later though.

    So my advice to you: build tiny games, each using a different component of your grand plan. Make a quick text-based adventure, some arena combat game, and some light puzzle adventure for example. Try to polish each of them up to a releasable standard and then you will have a much better idea of what you're in for, and have something to show for your efforts. Which is a very good thing, because honestly, you are not going to make a grand-scale MMO by yourself in less than a few years - if at all.

    Oh also, and this is actually the hardest part I have come across, find someone else to program with you! You will see that a lot of people here don't do it simply because of the difficulty in merging your work (SVNs even make it worse in my experience). But when you get a structure together and know how to lay your work out in a way you can easily merge, you are going to get things done sooo much faster and easier.

    Anyway, good luck to you!

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