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  • Maybe an "MMO" like Club Penguin/Habbo Hotel/etc would be possible in C2, as it certainly was in CC:

    But with C2 you'll need to make your own node-based echo server in JavaScript first, then the rest should work similarly to my CC game example.

  • it's possible to create some small scaled, multiplayer turn based games.

    there is simply too much of varaibles for real time MMO on mobile devices. for example - signal strength if you move around, won't be consistent. also weak hardware compared to PC (imagine 10000 people moving on screen - > huge network and CPU performance needs) and more...

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  • saiyadjin I'd say not entirely turnbased, as it is possible to do something like the ones like I mention above, or RPGs like NeoPets to some extent, where the player does have some real-time action games they play alone (so lag doesn't matter), but there is also sections where you can socialize with other players walking around and chatting, where the lag/latency doesn't affect the game.

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