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  • Friendly suggestion, stay away from Visual Basic 6 engines, they are old and by far outdated and the language can teach you very bad habits. I started with Python and moved my way up "Slowly" to C++ over I think around 7 - 9 Years, I'm not a big fan of C++ but in my opinion is a must if you want to create commercial MMO's, on the other hand Python is great for creating smaller indie type ORPG's and the learning curve is no where near as difficult and time consuming as C++.

    I still prefer Python and it is still my favorite language, a good place for starting in small Python game development would probably be Pygame.

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  • One thing one must understand, there's no easy way to make this kind of games. If that's what someone is looking for, you might want to build a time machine and travel many years into the future. But as of now, as far as easy goes, MMF2D is by far, the easiest engine for this kinda thing. I have done small MMOs tests with up to 5 people, with chat end everything. These were simple tests mind you, but by far MMF proved to be the easiest way for me, Lacewing it's pretty neat plugin. Still, as easy as it might be, a full fledged MMO it's a tremendous amount of work even using tools like C2 and MMF all by yerself, trust me.

  • If you want to make an MMO I woud wait 10 years and hopefully MMO maker will be out by then.

    A good MMO would probably take at least 100 000 man hours to make.

  • Kiyoshi forgot about problem b that will return and haunt him as a bug later. That's how it happens.


    Also, a few days ago, I was talking with rexrainbow on IRC and he wanted to propose a solution to make networking easier even for non programmers.

    The more we researched the more obvious it seemed it was a awesomely huge problem to tackle.

    This multiplayer and network programming FAQ on sounds like an interesting base.

    It's more focused on TCP, but still, some of the first questions have some wisdom/seethrough in them.

    Nevertheless, keep an eye on the custom plugins forum a solution might get posted some time.

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  • lets start small and see the first multiplayer demo, then take the massive another day

  • There are MMO game creation tools on the net, but I find them to be utterly ridiculously hard to use. So unless you have a knack for understanding a programmer's mind (speaking of GUI design flow here), I suggest you get together with a programmer and try to create an MMOG with C2 but start small and work your way up from there. Eg: MMOG Pong > MMOG Checkers > MMOG Text-based/static images with X number of turns per hours or day(s) like Legend of the Red Dragon or Legend of the Green Dragon.

    I think it would be great to see a plugin or guide that helps you create an online scoreboard thingy stored in SQL or some other database system, then expanded on for online scoreboard achievements. Of course, this isn't really an MMOG concept, but it does create a sort of social community and would be great for forum web sites.

  • I really don't understand, why some people are using the term MMO for every multiplayer game they would like to talk about... MMO is a MASSIVE multiplayer game like WoW, which implicitly expects tons of players to play simultaneously online... and not Checkers, or Pong :) Please, the up to 8 players multiplayer games have been invented long time ago.

  • XManBG - this post is from 2011.

  • Yeh, I know... I'm reading some old posts among the new one... But anyway, heh, maybe you mean that those days in 2011 the MMOs were like normal multiplayer games... And nowadays it is something more ... Oh, I see now!! <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Nothing is impossible.

    No matter what anyone says if you want it bad enough you will learn & work your butt off to get it. Good luck.

  • Actually I can begin to envision a MMO along the lines of Realm of the Mad God being done in Construct now with the multiplayer plugin. All the functionality should be there. It would still be a massive undertaking though.

  • i think mmo for mobile devices is currently way off. especially REAL-TIME MMO.

    what could be done though is turn based MMO through database. you update your states to database and the game periodically refreshes it to check for new states, if different then existing, change the existing.

    though that would need a lot of info passed in/out

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