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  • Hey guys,it's me again and i have (yea another mmo plugin topic)questions about the famous web socket plugin and how's the license works ,let's start from the beginning

    1-how does work the license if you want to make a MMO ( do you have to buy the corp license or u can use the standart license

    and 2-its not all my questions father want his phone ok lets go can anyone wanna help mea for the mmo and does the plugin appears on builds and how it works


  • I didn't entirely comprehend your post, but an MMO plugin for construct? This kind of thing is insanely difficult. I highly doubt there is an online plugin ATM that could handle such a volume of players.

    Good luck with your project though!

  • The licenses are pretty clear, I don't see why there would be a difference when making a [genre] game than from any other [genre] game. If you make over a certain amount of money ($5000) with the standard license you'll have to pay for a business license.

    I have seen this situation numerous times. If you are new to developing games and young, I'm not sure you are but it seems that way to me, then making an MMO would be as Phobos said "insanely difficult". Not exactly impossible, but improbable at the very least.

    An MMO is an incredibly intricate thing to make, on top of actually building the client you'll need to maintain a server (getting C2 to speak to the server is only a small part of the battle there).

    I suggest starting small. Make test games with game mechanics similar to what you would like in your MMO. Then gradually work upwards, trying to get two people to connect to the same game, then three, then four etc. If you try to do it gradually you'll have more experience to take from when trying to do the "real thing" than if you just ran into it headfirst.

    This isn't aimed at Construct but I'd say it's a good read.

    Also, for future reference, writing in all-caps does not really help you get people to read your posts. Probably the opposite.

  • thks (im 12 year old so im very young)

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  • Hence you should learn you way little by little completing small projects first (as Inkbot pointed out).

    When you'll be a bit older (and experienced in game making) then you'll be able to tackle MMO programming with a lot more comfort.

    Take your time.

    I wished there had been a Construct and so many internet ressources when I was 12 ^^

  • I wished there had been a Construct and so many internet ressources when I was 12 ^^ much as i loved the TRS-80 at the time, it just wasn't getting the job

    oops, my age is showing.

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