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  • I have seen it mentioned that any graphics we import, should already be the correct size before import. I had already decided to remake most of the graphics for my game so I made sure they were the correct size before importing. I also did not crop them within the C2 image editor.

    I notice that even if I resize images within C2, the image files exported for my C2 project appear to be the size that I resized them in the image editor. Can anyone confirm whether resizing images in the C2 editor affects performance. I do not mean resizing during the game.

    Another performance question I had. Does having collision enabled on objects that will never use collision, and are never checked for collisions affect performance? I am just wondering because I did not know if C2 did a behind the scenes check.

  • If you make import an image with 50x50 and you resize it to 1920x1080 it will not only be ugly It will also need more performance. But thats just normal. If you want reduce the download size it is better to create smaller images and resize them over events but this would also loose quality.

    With the performance of Collision Objects I can�t help you, I think just ashley can it. Or you try it by your own with the new debugger

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  • Hi,

    As far as I understand the system:

    1) You can import graphics of any size, and resize it in image/sprite editor - the change is irreversible, and the resulting size will determine the memory requirements of the sprite, the performance and the quality.

    2) You can import e.g. a larger graphics and resize the instance size in Construct window/main editor. This change is reversible - it is just scaled in viewport, and this change, as far as I understand, has much smaller influence on the performance. If you scale down the sprite this way, it still takes all the memory required by the real size of the image (=the size in the image/sprite editor), but as it is smaller on the screen, the processing of each frame is faster.



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