minecraft-like random cave(and island)

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  • It may seems a bit nerdy but i juste LOVE minecraft ^^ , my project is an rpg but to understand this new programm (i use construct classic) and help all the people who wants to create a minecraft-like in construct I created this "simple" cave generator by adapting this tutorial ( gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/tutorials/generate-random-cave-levels-using-cellular-automata--gamedev-9664) to construct because there is a lots of java tutorial to make procedural generation or rogue like but there's not that much for construct .

    When i do this i didn't know how to create global variables , so all the variables are local variables for the object with a red V . there is 6 option you can change :

    -width and height are the width and height of the scene in pixel(work in progress)

    -probability is the probability of spawning a hole (check the source tutorial to understand)

    -death limit and birth limit are also some parameters for the generation , to understand check the tutorial : there is an internet version of the generation programm

    -size of block is the length of the edge of the block in pixel , block needs to be squared

    download the .cap : mega.co.nz

    it's not that easy to explain that in english , so check my .cap and ask me if you don't understand

  • We can see that just by changing textures , it makes pretty decent island too

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  • Perhaps a year or so ago I would've totally been all over this testing it out. I was using CC and in my random-map-generating-rogue-like phase (part of me is still bent on making an actual game like that). Alas, .cap files aren't compatible with C2.

    Good work, it'll surely come in useful for someone.

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