middleware on Construct 2?

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  • Hello Guys I speak spanish so my question is if Construct 2 in a few future use this tecnology middleware?.

    Thanks so much

    Muchas gracias

  • ??? what technology do you speak? We are missing some information :)

  • watch dogs is a game and it use middleware you can find in google: "watch dogs middleware"

  • I'm wanting to help here. But there is still information missing.

    I know the game Watch Dogs. Looking forward to playing the game some time soon.

    So I'm thinking the problem is the language.


    middleware is not brand name. it's meaning for software that goes between two points. CocoonJS is middleware as it's the layer between C2 games and the hardware. So using "will C2 use middleware" well it already does, but with no middleware mentioned there is no way to identify if C2 will use a specific middleware. Where as I'm thinking your use of middleware is in a brand or specific product as the name itself. As much as Constrcuct2 is a product Middleware is a product. Not the case.

    However doing a search for the google. Are you referring to DemonWare middleware BitDemon for online gaming?


  • Umm What?

  • I think he's asking if we can create plugins to use middleware tech like FMod, WWise, Scaleform etc

  • Hola tavito, pregunta en espa�ol y yo traducire esto al ingles

    Hello tavito, ask it in spanish and I will translate it to english!

  • hola gracias jeeba, lo que pasa es que lei que se puede sincronizar en vivo el juego con el clima, por ejemplo, el middleware es el encargado de decirle al motor gr�fico c�mo pasa el tiempo y cambia por tanto el �ngulo de las luces, o c�mo cambia el clima en un juego, es decir interactua el clima real con el juego.

    sorry I dont speak very well english


  • Spanish to English translation provided by Google Translate:

    hi thanks jeeba, what happens is that I read that you can live sync the game with the weather, for example, the middleware is responsible for telling the graphics engine how time and thus changes the angle of the lights, or how the weather changes in a game, ie actual climate interacts with the game.


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  • Consigue este proyecto con github.com/simoncoggins/Realtime-Weather subelo en tu servidor.

    y lo uses AJAX para sacar referencia del clima, comparalos si esta nublado, entonces ejecuta los sprites de nubes nublados.

    Es sencillo.

  • Thanks for the translation. Actually we can do that right now with C2.

    You can use the AJAX tool to make a call to a weather service. However you will need to parse the information your self at this time.

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