Microsoft Spark compared to Construct 2?

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  • Has anyone played with Microsoft Spark? This seems like a "no code" development environment sponsored by Microsoft.

    I'm suspicious but curious. <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle">

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  • I thought it was something that would be released on xbox one.

    Is it already available ?

    From what I had seen during E3 it sounds more like something like "little big planet", you need "Project spark" and releases of "whatever you do" are done through the Project Spark "network".

    In other words, you can't do standalone like Construct2 does (whether mobile app, standalone executable or HTML5 project).

  • Yeah, as Kyat said, it's not really a game development suite - more a game that permits users to create their own limited experiences.

  • One is Microsoft, the other isn't. Reason enough by itself to stick with C2 imo.

  • If you tried the Kodu app that Microsoft had for the Xbox 360 then this is just the next evolution of that. It will let you create environments and rules with a very visual language. You can share your creations with others that have the app as well. However you cannot create games that can be run anywhere but in the app. No cross platform, no publishing for monetization, no importing your own assets, there is a world of difference between this and C2. But for console content creation it is a great tool for learning event driven logic.

  • It looks like something I wanted to exist about 10 years ago...

    Also I must share my thoughts on that it does look like a beefed up, cooler, version of Kodu games lab.

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