Microsoft getting very picky for store submissions

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  • Hi Guys,

    I've submitted a game to the win store, which has been rejected twice because the testers were dissatisfied about the snapped view. Bizarrely, I used the same default snapped view that I used for my previous game.

    I also noticed they picked up on a few other things that they completely ignored for my last game.

    Anyone else getting these annoying issues with MS now? I guess it's possible I've had the misfortune of getting a particularly retentive tester :/

    Sadly, this means I miss out for the Win8 compo, but ah well them's the breaks.


    p.s. Here's the most recent suitably vague report - no definition of "instability"

    Notes from Testers:

    A:: When reviewing the app, our reviewers observed instability issues when using snapped views with this app. More information on snapped views can be found here:

  • EyeHawk if you PM me a link to a build I'll be happy to have a look at the snapped views. We failed a couple of times before so have had some experience with appeasing the testers.

  • thehen - you are the coolest - thanks! I'll pm you a link in just a moment...

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  • EyeHawk I had a look. The game's awesome, it would be a shame if it didn't make it in time for the Windows 8 competition.

    The only thing I can think of is that the game doesn't pause when in snapped view. So you'll be in snap view and it says 'Please go full screen to continue playing' when gameplay is still continuing behind that message.

    Hopefully that helps.

  • thehen - thanks for checking it out - I've set the game to pause in snap view now. Hopefully that is what those guys meant by 'instability issues'.

    Wow, if that's the case that's probably one of the worst red herrings I've ever seen in a defect report. In fact that is one of the poorest, vaguest, laziest defect reports I've ever seen.

    We should send them to the Scirra bug forums to see how it should be done!

  • EyeHawk I see it's been certified. Congratulations!

    Was the issue I raised a problem in the end?

  • thehen - thanks! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    It must have been - that was the only thing I changed. Fortunately they turned it around pretty quick.

  • EyeHawk Great stuff! Pleased to hear it worked out for you.

  • Hi thehen , you know so much about Snap View on Windows 8 Apps?

    I'm also have a little problem with this. :(

    Can you provide us a sample .capx or sample code (html, javascript, or css) for implement this (Snap View)?

    Thanks before :)

  • kenli - take a look at the Metro plugin from iunkn. It takes care of snapped view for you:

  • Thanks EyeHawk for quick reply.

    I have tested 'Metro' plugin from iunkn , yes it works well with Snap View.

    But i'm still don't understand to personalize or customize my Snap View.

    Some users say by change or modify the css and javascript code after "Windows 8 Export".

    Maybe you can provide us an example?

    Additional info from my personal experience:

    -If "Metro" plugin compare to "Windows 8" official plugin from Scirra, "Metro" still doesn't support 'Share' feature.

    -From my experience, when i use two plugins (Metro and Windows 8) together in same project, cause some problem with 'Setting' views which 'About', 'Privacy', and 'Support' from "Windows 8" plugin can't be viewed.

  • kenli - to customize the message that show up for the snapped view - look at the contents of index.html. There is a section that says something like "please expand to full view to continue playing" or something similar, with a placeholder graphic that you can replace.

    I don't know about conflicts with the Win8 and Metro plugin as I still use 108.2, which is the most recent stable release. I haven't had any issues with using both plugins.

  • kenli - I personally didn't use the Metro plugin. I had to develop some of my own plugins to do with roaming data toggles and I was getting some conflicts.

    You can do it without quite easily with the Windows 8 object. Simply check 'is view snapped' and 'trigger once' then create a sprite at 320px wide with your message on. You can easily create a button to expand too using the 'try unsnap' action.

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