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  • Hi guys, I would have one suggestion to make for Construct 2.

    It's actually really hard to merge two projects together, I think it would be a major leap forward to be able to do that easily with construct 2!

    Other than that the software is really great ! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to create games !

  • What do you mean by 'merge 2 projects'?

    There would be no way for the merge to know how to integrate one programs event logic adequately into a different project. That requires understanding what and how the events work, and a merge wouldn't be able to determine that (unless it has AI maybe).

    Copying and pasting from one project to another is already relatively easy, if you follow the correct procedure.

    So again, what is it you propose exactly, as the statement 'merge' is a bit broad.

  • Hum, like I created game 1, and I want to copy an event sheet (with something like 100 events ) from this game to Game 2, is there a way to do that.

  • you can copy and paste everything

    first copy the objects you need and after that copy and paste the events (because you can only paste events where you have the referenced stuff already in your project but the failure message will also tell you what is missing if theres something missing)

  • ok didn't know that thanks

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  • use program - araxis merge - merge all same files with it, and then copy the rest (usually just images)

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