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  • Hi! im very worried about something :/

    my memory on excport increases greatly after export on node-webkit, i recently added a enemy to my game, the enemy takes less memory on preview than on export, i HAVE NO IDEA why is this happening, im very afraid about this even more after knowing that the memory should go down on export! but not for me

    memory without the enemy added:

    on preview: 96.83

    on export: 122.48

    now thats 25mb out of nothing! but i was thinking, hey its just 25MB, maybe its becuase of the music or some shaders, but now after adding the sprite of the new enemy

    on preview : 102.74

    on export: 130.55

    SO! that means that my enemy on export takes 8.07 MB but on preview it takes 5.91MB! so this means that for every object i add to the game, node webkit is adding some random amount of MB. for no apperent reason! even when the memory usage its supposed to go down! and i do have the down scaling to medium quality, so i dont know what happening any idea??

  • Did you checked how sprite sheets look after export? This difference in memory could come from new enemy sprite poorly sprite sheeted - making export images big with a lot of empty pixels.

  • shinkan

    there are some sheets that are poorly arranged, but isn't supposed to be that C2 when export will compress the sprite sheet better? it looks like its doing it wrong :/

  • It depends on your frames, how big they are. If you have two frames 256x256 they will not fit on one 512x512 sprite sheet. And C2 will decide to make two 256x256 separate images on export or will put them on one 1024x1024 sprite sheet - which make is half empty and use more memory.

    How big and how many are your enemies frames?

  • what shinkan said is true this is why it is recommended to make 2pixels less i.e 254x254 instead of 256x256

  • shinkan


    thanks, i will see what i can do

  • What are your project settings?

    I've noticed some people set 'Downscaling quality' to 'High' without really understanding what it does, and it can significantly increase memory use so you shouldn't use it unless you observe it actually improving the display quality. If that's what you've done then set it to 'Medium' and you should get lower memory usage and probably the same rendering.

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  • Ashley

    its on medium :/ my memory its incresing without reason

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