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  • Does anyone know what this is?

    What is the memory limit if I want to make a game for a tablet or phone?

  • A quote from Ashley from this thread:

    "For mobile games: avoid going over 200mb (going over 100mb will probably still rule out devices with <1GB memory)"

    It varies from platform to platform, so the best way is to test frequently. Also, the memory use shown in C2 is the calculated memory usage of the most memory intensive layout of your project.

  • Staying below 100mb ram is basically impossible I think. I made a small game ( 500kb in Construct 2) and when I build it with Crosswalk it still uses 120mb ram. So looks like there is a base usage which can not be avoided. But at least the ram usage evens out with larger files. My first game was 8mb and used 200mb ram.

    I tested the 200mb ram game for a few ours on my Galaxy S3 (850mb free ram) and it didnt crash once. So the save number for your ram usage would be basically half of the devices ram (phone has 1g ram= app can be 512mb ram) But staying below 200mb ram is a save bet if you want to include the 512mb ram phones since there can always be mb ram spikes and you want to give your game some air and not run at the phones limit.

    For IOS with Ejecta or Phonegap (when it gets viable in a week with IOS8 I have no experiences. But I have high hopes for Phonegap, so lets see).

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  • There are no fixed limits on memory use or download size. If you want to target the $35 phones coming out in India, you'll need to squeeze your game in to a system with a total of 256mb system memory. You can probably still get the majority of the market if it runs on a 512mb device, and within 1GB will probably run on any new-ish device in the mature markets. The download size follows a similar logic but depending on how long your users are willing to wait given the average speed of an Internet connection in their area. Like any engineering decision, it's a tradeoff.

  • thankfully im making my game for pc triying really hard to stay under 400mb... but it may be impossible.... so my maximum will be 700-800 mb

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