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  • I used the Intrepid's Terrain Generation and attached it to my minecraft 2d so it would randomly generate terrain(obviously). I modified some of the events and action and stuff, to make it match the stuff i needed.It worked for the first few times then i modified something (i think, i dont really know what i did) then it stopped working. It says it generated the blocks but it doesnt show up on the screen for some reason. Can someone check it out and possibly tell me what da fudge is wrong with it. I have used other game makers like unity3D and gamemaker studio, i moved on to construct 2 because i heard it was a really good. But after all the tutorials i did, i still dont know how to manage all of the terrain stuff.


  • It would be nice if you told us what you did before it stopped working ...

  • That is the point... I don't know what i did, If i knew i wouldve fixed it myself.

  • The level array you are using is 256x256 but the layout size is 2048x2048. Since 256*16=4096 the layout size should be 4096x4096. Do that and the player won't wrap before reaching the blocks. You can also make the terrain generate higher by changing the values set to terr in event 11, but that completely kills the framerate for me.

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