May I suggest a bookmark pane?

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  • I just had a thought that would help me a lot, and I bet everyone else would use it as well.

    An optional "bar" for along the sides for bookmarking events. Click the bookmark and the event window scrolls to the event, even if the event numbers changed.

    I keep all my functions at the bottom, all my "user inteactions" in a group, all setup at the top, etc. It keeps it organized, but working on one part has me jumping top, to middle, to bottom constantly. Bookmarks would speed things up nicely.

    edit: Ideas on implementation. Add a routine to "jump to selected." Then have the bookmark select the event and then call that routine. This would allow adding other features like a button/key to return to the current selection, and on closing the search window, having it jump directly to the result selected.

    On creating the bookmark, possibly drag an event to the "bar" and pop up a name requester.

    Or make a comment type block called a bookmark, they insert one and put a name in it.

    Or the easiest way, make the tab key jump to the next comment that starts with "Bookmark"

  • If your events are getting that long, maybe it's better to split them out into separate event sheets? I'm up to 500 events in my game so far, but none of my event sheets are more than 40-50 lines.

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  • Construct classic had a feature like this, and I thought it was a great idea at first, but I never really used it. I ended up finding groups, sub groups and subevents much better for organization instead. Using those makes it easy even in my 6000 event battle engine event sheet to find what I'm looking for.

  • Oh, just tough it out like a real man. Rapidly scrolling your mouse wheel through all events on a single event sheet is the only "quick find" you need. Then you have the distinct advantage of monitoring all of your events at once!

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