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  • So I am finishing my game up and I made a game that is somewhat difficult to describe. When I ask my Betatester how they would describe it they would say its a mixture between game A and game B. For example: tetris and zelda. But can you put this in on your storepage? Or can you get in to trouble?

    Thanks in advance

  • In my opinion as long as you don't put a shooter game in the racing category I don't think there would be any issues.

  • Perhaps I didnt explained it correctly.

    I mean in the sense can I say in the description of the app that you can compare it to different game.

    Example: try this game for free its a game what looks like Tetris/candy crush/cut the rope etc.

    Or is it not allowed to make a reference to a different game.

  • I am not a lawyer, so what I am about to say may not be entirely accurate or correct.

    As far as I know, doing that without permission is risky. Especially that you are actually naming the actual game.

    In this case, it will now depend on the owner to sue your game or not, if you're caught.

    But there is a way to do that without mentioning a game.

    For example, instead of saying "This game is like Tetris Mania", you can say it in this way "This is a Tetris Game." or "This is like your typical Typical Tetris Game.".

    I recommend you to never mention an actual game name in your game in comparison.

  • Ok thanks for your reply. I am not at all familiar with these things so I am always very careful.

  • Oh, I indeed misunderstood you. I'm no lawyer either, but I think you can say that "This is a tetris and zelda style game." Referencing other products without forging an opinion or advertising them is allowed if I believe right.

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  • Thanks for your reply as well.

  • Thanks for your reply as well.

    No problem, but since you can never be 100% sure, you better look into it. If you find the answer, please post it here since it could be useful for the other users.

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