What you may have missed in January 2018

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  • In January 2018

    C2 New releases

    The features listed here are only the "highlighted" features for each release. Check each release page to see the complete changelog and comments for each version)

    Be sure to keep updated to the

    most recent release of Construct 2

    If you think you have found a bug in Construct 2 you can report it in this forum BUT

    • Make sure it is not already a reported bug by searching through the "Bugs" forum
    • Make sure it is not a bug in your events, a difference between what you have coded and what you would expect
    • Make sure you're using the very latest version of Construct 2 (beta possibly, stable if this is the very latest release available)
    • Attach a .capx of the issue in the simplest manner possible (no 100+ events capx, no 10 mb capx)
    • Make sure to read Bug report requirements before posting and provide all the required informations (your configuration, the steps to use to reproduce the bug, any relevant information you can provide)

    It is really important since about 50% of reports aren't bugs which takes time out of working on Construct2 directly.

    Be responsible, help everybody by making sure it's not your events in cause first.


    • v0.28.0 (Chromium 64) [Requires r217+]
    • Get the latest and current version and make sure you are using the appropriate Construct 2 release : https://www.scirra.com/nwjs

    Third part addons

    WebGL effects

    • User Saiyadjin did a big job putting in place in July 2017 this google doc which attempts to add descriptions to add ons and effects and determine if they are up to date or not. You can check the document or check for yourself directly in the forums' topics.

    Blog posts

    • Scirra
      • Global Game Jam with Construct 3 - An article in which Laura announces a free week-end for Construct 3, allowing any non-licensed user to test out all the features of Construct 3 with a provided "Jam license". If you are only reading about this know, I'm afraid you missed on the global game jam and this promotion.
      • Scirra AMA (Ask us anything) on Tuesday - An article in which Laura informs that on the Tuesday 30th January, the Scirra team went through an "Ask me anything" session on Construct's subbreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/construct/). Another event that if you read about only now you may have missed, but it is still possible to go and read the answered questions !
      • Apple broke WebAssembly and are leaving it broken - An article/breaking news in which Ashley tells us about one of the side-effects of the recent Spectre security issue that occurred and how WebAssembly has been broken in an update meant to fix security holes in iOS/Safari.
      • Join us for our AMA today - An article on the day of the AMA where Tom provides informations about the Construct Team that was providing answers.
    • Ashley
      • Why JavaScript needs cross-heap collection - An article in which Ashley explains his thought process that leads him to believe JavaScript and using Web Workers would benefit from a cross-heap garbage collection and proposes solutions to help implementing it in browsers.

    C3 New releases

    • r74 - Improved text rendering, bug fixes, updated languages.
    • r75 - Hotfix for r75 and new in-progress Italian translation.
    • r76 - Bug fixes, new SDK features.
    • r76.2 - Some more bug fixes.
    • r77 - More reliability fixes.
    • r77.2 - Hotfix for r77.
    • r78 - Lots of new additions, changes and fixes.
    • r79 - Drag-drop objects to layers bar; new in-progress Korean translation; lots of bug fixes.
    • r80 - Animations editor improvements; SDK improvements; loads of bug fixes.
    • r81 - Ready for Global Game Jam 2018!.
    • r81.2 - Updated dark theme and a couple of fixes.
    • r82 - Bug fixes for Physics, iOS and more.
    • Find all the releases and changelogs on the new website https://www.construct.net/fr/make-games/releases.

    Construct 3 is currently going under a period of public beta test which does not represent the final quality of release.

    Please help with testing and be sure to keep an eye on further developments coming for it if you are interested about this software.

    If you think you have found a bug in Construct 3 you can report your bugs on github following the instructions and templates provided there.

    You can also provide suggestions on the features suggestion platform at https://construct3.ideas.aha.io/.

    You can discuss Construct 3 in this forum.

    Remember, as announced, ultimately forums and other community related discussion channels will be moved to the new https://www.construct.net.

    Construct 3 now has an English online manual ! Be sure to read it : https://www.construct.net/gb/make-games/manuals/construct-3

    If you talk a different language, you may also take part into translating Construct 3 and possibly getting a free subscription for it.

    Read more on this in this forum.


    Former retrospect

    As an added bonus, here is a list of the former "What you may have missed" posts for the year.

    2018 is now on-going. The Global Game Jam was the occasion for a week-end of free use of Construct 3.

    An AMA was held with Scirra's team, indicating some of the works in progress and things the community can look forward to in 2018 and later.

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