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  • Hey there!

    I choosed Construct 2 for creating a Point and Click Adventure. Everything works fine, but a question: I have some very large scenes, when I import the Backdrop image it says it will not be supported on some systems, because its larger than 2048 Pixels.

    I cannot find out which systems this affects? Is there a List of Limitations for each System or something like that? I'd like to know if it's important to me before I start to slice the Image into pieces

    Thanks in advance,


  • Some graphics cards will not support textures larger than 2048x2048. It could be desktop systems, could be mobile GPUs. Best bet is to stay under that limit, should be plenty of detail for most cases (that human eye can distinguish). Or, if you must just build the background from two (or more) parts?

  • It's not because of the details, simply because of the width of the Location But I think I will stay safe and will build it from two parts. Makes sense with the GPUs, read that somewhere in some other Engines Documentation too.

  • You can look here for stats on it:

    For computers that support webgl 100% of them support 2048, hence that recommended limit. Looking at the graph you can use bigger textures but it won't work on all computers.

    On a side note if you don't use webgl, eg turn webgl to off in the project settings you can have much larger images, but I couldn't find any info on the upper limits. The limits seem to be based on if there's enough video memory and if you run into graphics card limits, it just varies on how the canvas is implemented in the browser.

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  • Thanks for the Infos. I decided to split the Images instead of going to 4096 .

  • Hey, I'm kinda necroing this thread, but I was wondering if this talk about WebGL support only applies to web browsers? Or do the same rules apply also to Node Webkit games?

  • PC GPUs won't have problems with larger textures, even going back a few generations.

    The 2048 limit is really for mobiles, particularly for Android due to the wide variety of hardware, many of which use terrible generic GPUs.

  • webglstats won't give you data about the canvas2d renderer, which is still about 10% of systems and correlates with older hardware with lower limits that doesn't support WebGL, so I'd still stick to 2048 as the lower limit for the time being. To be honest, if you need 2048-sized images or larger, you are probably designing your game inefficiently and are likely to run in to severe memory usage problems - see remember not to waste your memory.

    As ever, NW.js (formerly node-webkit) is just a standalone version of Chrome, so you can pretty much think of it as identical to Chrome for all intents and purposes.

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