maximum call stack size exceeded

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  • Perhaps someone can help me find my problem in the game. Or at least tell me what this error means.

    the exact error is.

    Javascript error!

    Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

    http://localhost:5000/eveng.js, line 1262 (col41)

    (line and col is different everytime)

    What I could find on the internet is that it means a function keeps getting called for hundreds of times and reach it maximum amount of calls. However this problem doesn't occur everytime but it seem to do it random. When it happens it is always at a certain point in the game but like I said it doesn't happen every time.

    Could this error means a call function is in a loop? Or a condtion is constantly being true and doing the same event over and over again? Or something else?

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  • I think you might have a recursion on one of your functions.

  • Thanks for the reply. After a long search I found it. It was indeed a function wich was running in a loop. It seemed random because the function would only be called on a random number but once it was called it would get stuck in a loop.


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