Marketpalce or request work for capx?

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  • I've been playing construct for a couple of weeks and I think its a very powerful tool and has a very STRONG community with the help of the developers. Ashley, et al

    but how come we don't have a market place for CAPX or such things, or even a request(paid)post If any want their own idea to be made by talented members?

    I know I know some of you would say its easy and what a shameless act to do, don't have any originality, but actually that's how I learned Construct 2.

    I'm an artist full time and been outsourced with app flipping, I've worked from Corona/lua, to Xcode/cocos and andorid SDK, I'm not really a developer but I could say if someone has complete working capx from level to level, construct 2 is the fastest to implement a normal game.

    Since mobile is the way to go, you don't need to tell the full detail or story of the game as long it has decent graphics, and it could kill time then your set to go. hopefully it could be more stable in the future.

    I could also try GS, we did a GameSalad project couple of months, only stopping me from GS is its a bit tight on the community and templates for them are a bit less rewarding, also revmob is not supported lol, in regards with Construct's 2 users I seem to stumble someone, everyday can have a plug-in to share, even 3rd party ones, and don't forget GS's engine only runs on OSX natively.

    just imagine putting capx engine ready to be skinned and deployed, ad mob revmob is not rocket science I think cocoon handles it already, a lot out there are looking for cheaper options, instead of outsourcing someone.

    My point is from app flipping sites, source codes for it are basically a scam, basically extra work and money. templates, codes same thing, and you need to outsource the project and considering the time. in construct 2 you can do it in your sleep that's all CAPX is the way to go. of course with the help of very talented coders in-house as well, considering steam has been green light oh! the possibilities.

    Pm me if you have good ones ;)

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