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  • (( Sorry for my "froggy" English ))

    I'm very enjoying with the last releases of Construct� but the main new updates are about "export" possibilities ( Windows 8 ; iOS...) this is nice.

    However, I would like to tell you that I am more interested in new features like new "behaviors" and new tools. Especially a "map editor" (like the room editor of GameMaker ) absolutely necessary to create a large number of games (mazes, adventure etc ...). I hope you understand my request.

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  • Hi noirfluo, I think that we are all eager for some new features but I believe Ashley will get around to adding these things in time we just have to be patient.

    I`m sure that Ashley has a game plan and he is probably holding off of certain features for a good reason.

    Maybe Ashley could give us a heads up without revealing exact details.

  • What's wrong with the current layout editor?

  • It's useless for tile-based games, for one. Fantastic for most everything else, though. Also I agree that there's been way too much focus on exporters and such lately. C2 itself is just floating around right now.

  • Ashley been hit with the exporter bug. I don't blame him though, as he is trying to be competitive with other game makers. But these exporters are not ready or too new. 8P

    I like to see new plugins and features that pertain to gameplay as well. An editor that works fantastic for tiles would be wonders. The current one is only good for web/mobile, single stage stuff.

  • Yeah , If you want a tile-based editor then do it by yourself !

  • Whiteclaws Unfortunately that's not very practical in C2. There's no file i/o (and project files are still internal), you can't retrieve object names, variable names, nor variable index, there are no listboxes and so on, and image offset was not carried over from CC so forget tilesets unless you want to use sprite objects (but then you get performance issues and zero customization). Making your own would be the way to go seeing as it would be external and open for team members or players, but C2 doesn't provide everything you need to get the job done.

    Now, that's not to say you can't make a level editor for a very small, basic game, but even then you'll have a very hard time using it (and team members can't use it unless you load levels from a server, which means you can't load levels in preview.)

    Also if you use tiles then you will get seams. I've tried pixel rounding, point sampling, and ^2 size textures but they still show up on some machines.

  • I think the current layout editor is feasible for tile-based games if you know what you are doing. What exactly are the limitations of which you speak?

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