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  • So I made a bunch of maps in a program called Piskel and I would like to know if I can import them as maps for a 2D side scroller type game. They took me hours to make and I would not like to see that time go to waste. Any help? The maps can be exported as spritesheets, ZIP files, and PNG files. Please help!


  • Not sure if Piskel exports TMX files. If it does you can load them in C2 editor. The tilemaps can be loaded from Json strings too, so if you see an option to export use it.

    You can combine all the tiles into 1 sprite strip, without duplicates I know.

    I picked up Piskel a while ago. a very fun little program.

    Wish i had more information for you. I am sure others in the forum have piskel too, so maybe they have a workaround for you.

  • It's just an image so the rough process is to:

    1. load it into a sprite

    2. paste it into the third party canvas object

    3. loop over the pixel with two for loops

    4. look at the color and do something with it.

  • Thanks guys!

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  • Thanks guys. Hound, could you maybe elaborate a little? Maybe with a few pictures? Thanks

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