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  • I have a game about to release on google play, but i can't get mopub banner show up after compile using ludei cloud system, i'm ludei's premium user and i have permission to use Ads extentions, but i don't understand how to work with it... Anyone in our forum used to get the job done well please advise me.

  • Embed the cocoon ad object in your game and create the action 'on ad available' 'show ad size xxx at position yyy'. Then in the cloud compiler modify the example json code and add your mopub id. Ads take a few minutes to show at first. That's all I did.

  • Okay, i forget to add the action " on ad avaiable", i'll try again and tell you if it's work.

    Thank you verymuch AndyWatson :X

  • AndyWatson, i use event "onstart of layout" > on ad available > show banner... And edit the json like this.


        "moPubFullscreenUnitAndroid": "@@@@@@@@@@@@@DQsSBFNpdGUY-_i_Fgw",

        "moPubBannerUnitAndroid": "@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@DQsSBFNpdGUY-_i_Fgw"


    Is this correct ??? In my mopub account , i find " code integration" , enter it and it's show "Ad Unit ID", i'm copy and paste it's in json.

    Can you advise me a little bit detail :))

  • You might want to ask Ludei about this, or ask on their forums, since the question is to do with their system.

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  • farsmile90 yes, that's correct, though my ads aren't showing on a new app I built in Cocoon today for some reason. Mopub's website security certificate expired today(!?), so I don't know whether that's connected...

  • sorry Ashley and thank AndyWatson, i'll mail for you if i'm get stuck or try to contact ludei, And the mopub website getting error today, i think it's a reason ads won't show.

  • I don't see the "on ad available" condition available anymore, is this something that has been removed?

  • i have done everything but stuck to one thing........sorry but can anyone tell me where is the JSON configuration??? mopub or in cocoonjs cloud compiling tool??? where i have to add the code

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