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  • I was thinking about making my website in Construct 2.

    I know there are a few problems with this but I could possibly overlook them to take advantage of the cool stuff that can be done.

    1. search engines won't work well or at all

    2. the website will need a while to load mainly because of all the images (how could I avoid this?)

    3. the website will need to be refreshed manually everytime I post something new - I tried a zillion methods to make the html5 website not cache stuff but it still does, I don't know what to try else

    If I could remove 3. and 2. I might make it decent.

    Any thoughts about this?

  • Have a few suggestions for you to try..

    3. Disable caching in htaccess file ... httpd-mamp

    2. No big images in the C2 project, but load them after the C2 project has loaded with ajax requests, so the rest of the website has something to display first

  • As a web designer, I'd say that the "search engines won't work well or at all" is the biggest problem.

  • Even though C2 is a mighty tool, I´d never make a complete website with it. It has no ability to get found by search engines.

    If you want a serious solution, go to themeforest for example and rab yourself a cool WP template

  • IndieKiwi

    I have used the following resources with no effect for Google Chrome: ... 6#12693786 ... /beginner/ ... g-in-html5 ... mano-cache ... lear-cache

    That browser just doesn't give a $#%&

    Regarding the ajax, that sounds like a great idea!

    How about using the built-in "Load image from URL" ?

    Thanks for the tips <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    glerikud I managed to find a keyword from my test page but it's pathetic. Would meta tags work? Or would engines find stuff if I modify the index.html and add a lot of text in comments? Text that is actually found on the website?

    Beaverlicious I'm using wordpress and i'm tired of it as hell >.>

  • Fawk

    Well, then you should learn something serious like Typo3 and coding of course. If you don´t care for search engines/responsiveness, you can go with C2 of course <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";-)" title="Wink">

    One of the main problems is, that you don´t really have subpages etc that can be relinked ike for example.

    You can write as much as you want into your code, you will never ever get a good ranking. Google indexes a lot more than keywords these days. There are links/videos/social-activities...etc.

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  • I would recommend against using C2 for making websites. Many reasons why has been written but I can add disability to the list. Now I haven't seen actually a site made with C2 but I suspect it will be harder to adjust with your own fonts, your own colors, your own sizes, or for speech or braille machines.

    It is true that many sites ignore this group of people nowadays compared with when the html was simpler back in time (I am thinking of early-mid 90s) but still.

  • I'd recommend making a webpage in HTML and echance it with HTML5 modules made with C2. Such as an interactive (or animated) logo, etc..

  • Really good ideas here. Thanks for every suggestion!

    Any clues if adding keywords in comments in the index.html would get the search engine to crawl it?

  • I use GoDaddy for my website, so much easier!

  • IndieKiwi

    Regarding the ajax, that sounds like a great idea!

    How about using the built-in "Load image from URL" ?

    Yeah that was what i was thinking of!

    I'm not totally against a C2 website, There are many html5 experiments out there that would probably be in a similar boat, and they still get noticed through word of mouth. You could probably add some hidden fields and meta tags for search engines to pick up still?

  • How do folks feel about using something like this for a game's pre-launch webpage? Maybe it's a bad idea for a fully featured website with a lot of content, but all I would want is some art assets and bullet points to promote my game. Still a bad idea?

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