Making a shopping App in Construct2 ?

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  • Hey guys!

    I love construct and i?m getting into it more and more. Now here is what i plan to do with it...

    I want to found a little start up, that should be based on a construct2

    program. The customer should be able to choose from some options and combine them within the app. (like NIKEid if you know it)

    The program should then render a picture of that and send it with the order-form to me, so that I can produce the product as individual as the customer wants it.

    Here are my questions:

    -How secure would that be? (are there Bots who buy?, Credit-card-number security etc.)

    -Can I embed an email-verification?

    -Can I embed the process to a content-management-shop-system?

    -Can I make a mobile shopping app, or are there any difficulties?

    -Can I embed paypal or something like that?

    -Are there any other things I need to know?

    I don?t know if construct is the right engine for what i plan to do, but I would really like to try it out, cause I?m getting comfortable in it and it?s easier to update if you don?t outsource the programming. If you know better options for me, pls let me know :)

    If things will get reals serious, I guess I will throw out some paid jobs as well :)

    Feel free to comment,


    PS: Sry for not-so-perfect english. Hope you understand what i meant!

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  • Beaverlicious

    sorry not exactly sure what you mean

    what are you trying to sell/create?

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