Is making your own scaling system a good idea? [FiB to off]

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  • Hello!

    I've discovered that the best way for my project to scale is to turn 'Fullscreen in browser' to Off completely, and scale it yourself by making the project's resolution match the display resolution. It's a top down pixel racing game, thus it's okay. If the display is too big, I'll just let the player manually scale the layout from the settings (x1,x2,x3).

    However, this idea is my own and no one suggested it on the forums, even though I have asked several times, which is a bit worrying. Is there a fatal flaw somewhere in this system, or why did no one suggest it?


    Platform - NWjs

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  • Any opinions?

  • I wouldn't do it, but I am not familiar with that process.

    C2 has fail-safes built in and is programmed to support many systems.

    You have to take into consideration what systems will be using it.

    Browsers in Fullscreen usually take up the whole screen, taking away some toolbars.

    If you change the resolution it may make browser toolbars come back.

    It may mess with browser in some other unknown way, because the browser was already expecting a set resolution.

    My point is this should be tested in a small way until you know more about it.

    If I were going to attempt that, I would do that in only 1 part of the game.

    This part of the game will stand out to the players.

    They will naturally give you good feed back if it is liked or bad feedback if it has errors or is disliked.

    Maybe do it once the level is finished or in pit stops or something.

    You don't want to do it in a very important part of the game if you are just testing it out. It may upset some people or make the game unplayable to some as a result.

  • If you set the resolution first, and only then apply fullscreen, then It seems to work as planned.

    Thanks for warning though, will test thoroughly.

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