Making new behaviors and plugins "official"

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  • What is the policy for adding new plugins and behaviors created by the community and other third parties to C2 so they will be included on a new install of C2 (as part of the regular program) without having to download and install them separately?


  • That is a very interesting question and I really hope to get an answer soon =)

  • the way it worked for cc, and I assume this will probably continue is that third party plugins will remain 3rd party plugins. this was for the free construct, so I'd imagine there'd be additional issues to consider now, but no real benefit. I mean, you just copy them to the folder if you want them, aside from that and whether you trust the third party to develop stable plugins, what difference would it really make?

  • In my opinion it's just a matter of laziness =P

    I would like to have every good feature from the beginning and not for adding .. it's like talking to a friend about your game and if he asks "how did you do that?" you have to say "You need this this and that plugin and this and that too" ..

    Best regards

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  • It's exactly how lucid said as these are 3rd party plugins you are talking about here and not made by Scirra, so there could be various problems with that.

    I like having plugins as a optional download as i wouldn't use some of them and they would keep making the main download larger so to be honest i wouldn't want all 3rd party plugins to be bundled.

    The only problem really is that currently it's annoying to find them as people post them in the c2 general forum rather than a dedicated area. I suggested already to have a sub forum for these like there is with classic so they are easy to find.

    There was a reply from the devs saying there is a plugin exchange section for the website planned but to be honest i would just prefer a forum section so it's easy to make bug reports and give feedback.

  • Oooh yeah okay .. that also makes perfectly sense =)

    How about an extra page for Plugins? (Like TUTORIALS, FORUMS, STORE, etc)

    Best regards

  • It sounds like they already have that planned but i have no idea when it will be done.

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