Making a fillable field (and replicating it)

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  • Hi to all!

    New here! Fist time posting

    I'm fairly new to C2 and i've been experimenting and learning for the past few weeks, before I feel I'm ready to start my big project!

    After some experiments, I have a question and i would like to hear some of the experienced users' opinion.

    Basically, a great deal of my project will be based on the following: the user has a few blank spaces (like _ _ _ _) and has to complete them with the correct numbers (for example 1 6 4 2), which then are checked, to see if they are correctly inputed.

    Now i can see 2 obvious ways this can be done:

    1- Text boxes (the user inputs 1 digit in each box, and afterwards they are checked)

    2- Drag and drop (there is a list of numbers from 0 to 9 on the side, and the user drags the ones he wants to the correct spaces, in order to form the correct order)

    Now my question is: What's the easiest way I can do (or rather, replicate) this, since i need to make dozens, if not hundreds of them (so that there are lots of different sequences, and the same ones won't appear over and over again)?

    The way i'm thinking about it, both options will take forever to make each combination, so if i want to make 100s of them, it will be humanly impossible!!

    I don't know if i was clear enough, specially since english is not my language and i struggled a bit to explain my question propperly.

    Thanks in advance to you all!

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  • Why not have it so that the game randomly generates the sequences for you? That gives you an infinite amount of content for a small amount of work and doesn't involve you personally designing hundreds of number sequences

    You don't need to replicate all the events etc! You just need to come up with one engine so that the game knows how to do the same stuff over and over to the different sequences

  • Thanks, man! That's actually a good idea!

    Now let's see if I can pull it off Some tutorials here and there and i'll get there!

    Thank you!

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