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  • I was just curious if anyone has made money with their C2 creations and how you've gone about it? What's the best way you've found?

    Advertising in games?

    Making games for others?

    I was just wondering.


  • I went with free game, a few Ads only in menus and IAP options.. seems to be the way to go based on trends. For Android.

    But as always, make a game that A) people like to play and B) get them to know about it. (B) is equally important, because the app market is CROWDED, there's no way people will find your app without some sort of directions to get to it. So advertisement and spreading it is a must! If you make a really good game and get lucky for it to be featured, then super!

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  • Although I don't have any experience to base this on, you may want to consider Windows Phone 8 & BB10. Even though there are less users, there are also less apps to compete with and it may be easier to stand out.


  • I use a combination of tactics, which is why html5 is so great.

    paid apps on iOS.

    free apps with ads on android

    free with ads and paid apps on windows 8 and windows phone 8

    I have some stuff on Blackberry, but it doesn't do great. mostly kids apps, so that might be why.

    free with ads on amazon

    paid on google chrome

    sell non-exclusive rights of games to publishers.

  • ArcadEd

    How is Google Chrome for paid apps? I considered that as a launch platform as well but I don't think I have ever seen a paid app on the Web Apps Store.


  • Very few paid games do well on Chrome, ones that do typically come from big devs with heaps of hype/adverts behind it.

    Seems Chrome is best used with ads and IAP free games. The ones that do really well tend to have multiplayer as a main focus.

  • What is Google's cut of the revenue, the standard 70/30 split?

  • I my paid apps on chrome are kids apps. They don't do great. $10-$15 a month.

    I have really dove into chrome much. Probably would make sense to host the game myself and put ads on the pages like most others do.

  • What is Google's cut of the revenue, the standard 70/30 split?For Playstore its 30%, for Chrome its only 5%.. and Chrome is a huge market, just need to have free games that are addictive like crack for users to play repeatedly so those Ads revenue flow fast.

  • ArcadEd

    what about idea: make small app (<10 MB) for Chrome [so they will host it] and put some ads in it?

  • Chrome can host much bigger apps now, the 10MB limit is long gone. :)

    But as soon as you figure out IAP or ads for Chrome with C2 app, do a tutorial for all. heh

  • How do you put ads in chrome games? HTML ads through like LeadBolt?


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