Making an android app in Construct 2 but not a game?

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  • I know that this question is a little silly but I just got curious. Will it be inefficient to make an Android App on Construct 2 that works like an app version of a website? And if ever yes, will the features be very limited? Thanks

  • The good thing of C2 is when your start working on that empty white nothing, you can do whatever you want. With the plugins you can replicate every function of a website, plus you can add awesome interactivity. If we can make efficent games, of course you can make efficent web app.

  • Rasputin - Is there already a tutorial of this or any people who tried this? This makes me want to learn it .

  • Maybe i haven´t understood your first post.

    Do you want to syncronize your web with your app in real time or do you want to replicate a web in an app without syncronizing?

    If is the first: I have absolutly no idea about that. And looks quite difficult for me.

    If is the second: I see that you have 26000 points of reputation on the forum. Should be easy for you. The hard issue here I think is to upload your app every time you want to add new content. Mostly if you have user interaction.

    Maybe this could be useful: ... ngs/page-2

  • Rasputin - Only the 2nd one, The real-time sync (1st one) would be more complicated on C2 than normal app makers if I do that. Thanks for the link it is helpful, but what I really meant was what compiler is used for that export? If I use IntelXDK wouldn't it be more optimized for games rather than a Web App, If we use Visual Studio, I really did not try it and no idea if it would be good in performance. Any suggestions?

  • I have no experience with Visual Studio, I always compile with XDK. But you have to think that a game is absolutly more complex than a web, with a lot of events running everytick, collisions, etc. So I think you will not have performance problems. XDK is not only for games, it manages any html5 project.

  • Rasputin - You're right, I just checked it and IntelXDK does support normal apps but the hard part is finding the right plugins. But to be sure, I will also try Visual Studio and Cocoon.Io just in case it is better. And if successful, i'll try making a tutorial too. Thanks for the time.

  • Intel XDK should provide the necessary performance for an app. Also don't forget that a game is one of the most complex software you can build. So, if C2 can handle a game, it can surely handle an app. Since the engine is lightweight, it won't have an overhead because of the engine.

    New tutorials are always welcome. Send me a link if you do make it

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  • glerikud - Yes, i will certainly give you a link if I ever make one .

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