what makes the game to slowdown?

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  • Well, i'm making a sidescrolling shooter, with "big" pictures, i m not using a tiled background repeatedly, the levels are designed entirely in pictures of 2048 x 1080(2mb each) put side by side. and the animations are big as well.

    my question:

    the game will be heavy this way? i m already "experiencing" some slowdowns during my tests, the slowdowns may be because of that?

    or is more like to be, bacause of my poor eventsheet management, when you don't know the proper way to do things, and you endup making lots of longways to do simple things?

    i m planning to play the game only on desktop, my config for the test is a phenom ii x4 965 with 4gb ddr3 and a amd hd 6870 1gb

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  • I would say that if you want better feedback post a .capx file so we can see if it is events or images... those are pretty big images though.

  • Remember that (AFAIK) images go straight to the RAM - so a game like this will be very RAM heavy.

    I'd generally recommend that you don't pre-render your levels like this. It makes editing a huge pain and is very performance intensive.

  • May as well split them up into 1024x1024.

  • i m not uploading it because its very big, over 200mb right know.

    but i will test by replacing the images for low res ones, this will take some time.

    i think the best way to do a non repetitive level is by placing images side by side , this way i can create lots of diferent stuff in the way, of course, i m not taking the performance in to the table.

    i will try to split my backgrounds with 1024x1024 and see what happens

  • kkmultes hi, i made the same mistake(well it is not a mistake... is a developer choice that will have impact in the game performance)in my older games in c2, by making huge backgrounds.

    Now i use tiled backgrounds for everything that is only visual, take a look at my game"zed-3600"(wip), all the graphics assets in the game doesn't reach 2 mb(they are mainly black), and i have more assets than you see in this video.For instance the sky is a tile with 8 pix width.


    Gameplay mechanics HD


    Gameplay introduction HD

  • cesisco you really manage to create a nice look with gray tones, and 2mb, very light, i will take everybody's advice into consideration.

    that's my firt project, and practically my first time in game development, so i have a lot to learn.

  • Welcome to the world of game development, where we all learn something new every day.

    A few things to keep in mind:

    • keep your graphics and animations sane (no huge backdrops, 100-frame animations etc.)
    • focus on gameplay first, plug in graphics next. When your prototype runs smoothly, you will know it isn't your events' fault when your game slows down.
    • expect hurdles on the road of game development. Hurdles, hurdles everywhere to overcome. That nasty bug you can't figure out? You'll have that hair turned gray in no time.

    That said, good luck! ;)

  • the levels are designed entirely in pictures of 2048 x 1080(2mb each) put side by side

    This is just about the worst way you can design a game in terms of memory usage. You will likely cause a lot of mobile devices to run out of memory making it impossible to play the game.

    From best practices:

    enerally the largest image size supported on all systems (including mobile phones) is 2048 x 2048 pixels. You should still avoid using images this size; a far superior way of designing levels is to use a few medium-sized Tiled Background images (e.g. 512 x 512) to cover the layout, then compose the level design from placing multiple instances of other Tiled Background and Sprite objects. Each instance can be freely stretched and rotated individually which can help avoid a repetitive appearance.

    Consider a single 10,000 x 10,000 image will use 400mb of memory, which will make all but the most powerful desktop computers run out of memory. On the other hand, a level composed of three 512 x 512 Tiled Backgrounds and 50 different Sprite objects sized 200 x 200 will use under 20mb of memory (20x less) - small enough to fit in to the memory of low-power mobile phones.

  • thank you everybody, i m redesigning the entire level now, with your tips. the game is running really better without the large images.

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