Major bugs on iOS, a new approach is requested

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  • I've been using construct 2 for a while and it seems to be the best tool coming from flash, even if I still miss a lot of features like a timeline, full debugging and support on all environments.

    I've made a lot of games in flash and there were never any problems with them behaving different on different platforms, but now since Steve Jobs killed flash I've been thrown back 10 years and I try my best to keep up with my clients needs.

    Don't get me wrong, I am very happy for construct 2 since it would have been a nightmare to code my games from scratch and get them to work in all browsers on all platforms.

    My main issues are sounds on ios, especially on iphone but sometimes also on ipad. I've read all the topics on this issue and it always boils down to the same answer, "contact apple, it's their fault", and i totally agree on this, BUT, we all know apple. The will not even read our bug reports, they never do. And even if they did, they would only tell us to create an app instead.

    So in my opinion, it would be better if you great people on scirra could try another approach; "apple won't fix anything, let's see if we can get it working anyway" or at least find workarounds.

    Unfortunately I cannot deploy my games as native apps, and the point with html5 was that i shouldn't have to. If that was an option I could create them in flash which is a much more potent platform.

    My main issues are:

    * Sound does not play on iphone, only when using lan preview, not when deployed on server. This happens sometimes, and sometimes it plays some sounds but not all, so this is not due to incorrect mime-types.

    * If I create a web app, when it is minimized and launched again, the homebutton does not work anymore and you need to do a hard reset. On ios 6 and below the power button was unresponsive as well.

    I am investigating this on my own and I promise to share my progress, if any.

    Thank you!

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  • I think the sound issue is a problem with Safari's offline cache. I've heard from other users if you remove all sound files from offline.appcache it fixes it - but then that will break the offline support. We can't easily just do that automatically, because the same file is used for all browsers, so it would break offline support completely on all platforms. So we'd prefer to leave that as a tweak for users to make themselves if they choose to.

    The home button not working and needing a hard reset is definitely an iOS bug, and a hard reset usually indicates a kernel or driver level fault. It's not at all obvious how to even begin working around an issue like that, and it may not even be possible. I think the best approach is just to keep complaining to Apple and hope that they pay attention after enough people report it. I'm sure it would affect lots of other people...

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