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  • I have 35 Layouts, each one is a level.

    The Pause is a sprite (background like a window) with sprites (buttons: home, restart, etc). See attach.

    Each layout has your own "Pause" (position, sprites properties).

    If I want to change a sprite´s position from the Pause, Do I must to change the 35 layouts?

    The EventSheet is easy to maintan, because I´m using one for the 35 laoyts, but the "Layout" part is hard.

    I´m doing it in the best way? Is there a smarter way to do it?


  • You could setup pause in general event sheet, and then triggers it when neccessary


    on touched "pause button"

    -- set time scale to 0

    -- system spawn object 'white box' on layout...

    -- system spawn object 'home button' on layout...

    -- system spawn object 'replay button' on layout...

    -- system sprawn object 'play button' on layout...

    on touched "play" button

    -- "white box" destroy

    -- "home button" destroy

    -- "replay button" destroy

    -- set time scale to 1

  • Look at Global Layers you then only need to maintain one layout and changes will be made to all

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  • To second volkiller's suggestion, yeah, you should really be using global layers for all UI elements. They're far easier to maintain for projects designed like yours.

  • Yep!

    Global layer is exact what I need.

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