who made Space Blaster in chrome web store?

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  • just anna give some props cool game <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> what did you use to spawn the enemy waves?

  • The game is available in the examples folder included with your Construct 2 install.

    Just look it up.

  • It's even linked to on the Start Page in Construct 2!

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  • awesome thank you didnt realize that that was that game very smart you guys got some great rankings for that in the chrome store there #4 for the keyword space shooter great job do you have a marketing team for your games?

  • Kyatric



    is having those invisible sprites better then having the system create spites at set positions?

    What would be better for mobile?

  • It depends on your game logic.

    Also I haven't checked the example in a while, but I believe the invisible sprites are just like markers from which the system will create objects anyway.

    Perhaps you should have a look around the tutorials to get the hang of how to use C2.

    For mobiles, the best is especially to pay attention to the size of the sprites/download size of their textures.

    The logic itself can be handled no matter the device.

  • Kyatric thanks for the quick reply just finished beating the example you guys rigged it way to hard but for only one level i guess the pace was good keeps the retry going

    been through those tutorials more then once thanks they are definitely very helpful c2 is incredible but it looks like developing plugins is gonna be the only way im gonna be able to keep my javascript skills polished

    Also i have a question about the explosion animation are we as game developers allowed to use those animations in a game that will make money

  • You can use the assets from the free bundle (as well as the bundle offered with the licence) in commercial (or not) games as long as you make the game with C2.

    Indeed, you don't need the JavaScript knowledge for programming with the events (apart from stuff like structures, loops, etc...).

    But C2 is powerful enough to allow you to do a lot in events without having to add plugins.

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