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  • I made a performance test game so i could learn why my game ran faster in IE9 then Chrome18. The following test game displays the fps and physic objects on the screen. Every 0.25 seconds it adds another object. It also randomly applies a impulse to each object. Once the fps drop below 58 it stops adding objects. The conclusion was that chrome was able to handle about twice as many objects then IE9. So i still don't have a answer to my question.

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  • I think Chrome is faster at handling the physics, but could be slower at other things. I wonder if the result would be opposite if you replace physics with the bullet behavior.

    IE9: 37

    Chrome: 130

  • I got 165 with Firefox with a bunch of other tabs open.

    160 with chrome

    70 with opera

    25 with IE9 (the text seemed a little fuzzy )

    I thinks it really depends on what you are testing. So Its better to try with the actual game and not just physics

  • Well what i was trying to test was the performance of chrome verses IE9. I made another version of the test with the layout 800x600 and the window 800x600. Chrome can't handle it, but IE9 has the same performance.

    New Test


    My conclusion is that as your window and layout gets bigger IE9 has better performance when dealing with many physic objects.

    The same is true when your sprites are big.

  • My chrome could handle it. I left it to test 11 and was still getting the same performance.

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