Mac CMD Key causes "stuck" keyboard input.

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  • If typing CMD-key combinations on a Mac, the keyboard input will become "stuck" after typing a couple of combos. "Stuck" meaning it will require the user to release all keys and type 1 or 2 random keystrokes until there is keyboard response again.

    The issue happens in Mac on Chrome or Safari or nw.js. The Shift, Option/Alt or Control keys do not experience this.. just the CMD key. This doesn't happen when doing the some test with the Shift, Alt/Option or Control keys. And, it happens in multiple browsers. The real kicker is that a page like, which uses JS for keyboard monitoring, does NOT experience the issue.. So, what possibly points the finger at C2 but I can't be sure yet. It happens in either C2 or C3, or also Chromium/nw.js.

    The issue is not a conflict with pre-existing shortcuts. The ultimate goal is to have an app that tests keyboard shortcut knowledge in nw.js only (so as not to compete with browser shortcuts), but the issue just doesn't require nw.js to reproduce.. just a Mac (i've tried multiple MacOs versions) and any browser.

    To recreate:

      Go to this C2 Example on a Mac in Safari or Chrome, keep pressing press CMD + ] then CMD+ [/b] without letting go of the command key. After doing this once or twice, you will then have to release all keys and press a random key once or twice to get a response again. If you go to, you can type CMD + ] and CMD + [/b] back and forth all day and it won't "get stuck".. remember this is just the CMD key that does this.

    What do you reckon? Possibly something with the keyboard object? I tried looking at the keyboard on every tick instead of using the "on any key pressed" and there still appears to be an issue. The capx is rudimentary but available here.

    Thanks for any ideas. I'm just looking at other possible factors before filing a bug. -Steve

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