Ludum Dare Team Creation !

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  • <font color=orange>I'm sorry Mods and Admins , But I get 0 attention in the open topic ... I just need a little attention in the C2 General !</font>

    <font color=red>If you made a team , please let us know !</font>

    Hey Guys , Whiteclaws Here , LudumDare *25* too ! ( Not Really ... But he's coming in 15 days ! )

    Very Excited about it ! I told myself : " Man ... We are going to see a lot of C2 creations , this time ! " . Then , I remembered my lonely experience , last LD ... and told myself ( Another Time !) : "I need to make a team with fellow Constructers !" And I imagine , that it's the same thing of many of us ...

    So I took my time and made a post where you can Reply with your Nickname and Skype Name and Tell us what you can do , and I'll add you to one of those sections ... Nice Idea , Hun ?

    When the post will be big enough , I'll make another section and we'll form the Teams !

    <font color=red>*- Notice | First word is nickname and second is skype name -*</font>

    Let's Begin :

    <font color=orange>Section 1 - Developpers -</font>

    |\ Whiteclaws - WhiteclawsStudio

    |\ EncryptedCow - EncryptedCow

    <font color=green>Section 1 - Graphic Designer -</font>

    |\ Whiteclaws - WhiteclawsStudio

    <font color=blue>Section 1 - Music Artist -</font>

    |\ ****

    Thanks for your replies everyone !

    Good Luck Ld'ing !

  • EncryptedCow - EncryptedCow

    I pretty much only do programming, which I'm not the best at but I am learning and can already do quite a bit. I can do a little bit of graphics but nothing worth putting anywhere.

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