Ludum Dare #24 - The Official Post

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    Hey all!

    I've created this thread because I will be in this Ludum Dare, for the second time, but with better experience and ofcourse with Construct2!

    If anyone doesn't know what is the Ludum Dare, it is a big Fast-Indie Game Developing event that gives you 48hours (a weekend) to finish a cool, worked and fun game with the theme that they also gives you, it will be announced when the countdown goes 0.

    The plan of this thread is to present all the people using Construct2 in this Ludum Dare edition.

    So I start:

    My name is Midgard, also called devMidgard (dev from developer) and I'm using Construct2 this time because I recently bought it and love'd it because It is a powerfull 2D Game Engine.

    You will see how my Ludum Dare Game advances here, in my blog, and in the Ludum Dare blog!

    This begins in less than 7 hours, so post now! NOW!

  • i'm in too, i guess...i don?t believe i can finish one game in 48 hours, but i will try.

    devMidgard good luck!

  • Sounds interesting! Hmmm I'll try.

  • Ludumdare 24 Has Begun!!! The theme is: Evolution

    Very Pstoyched about this theme, as i've been votin for it.

    Start Your Game Engines!!

    (Well Boot up Construct2 anyways)


  • My first LD and I'm in! :)

    My LD acc -

  • A little screenshots, it really doesn't show anything in special, this is a conversation in my game, finally going to be a platformer, after a greeeeeeeeat brainstorm.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • If you're using C2, you can only participate in the 72h jam.

    I was going to participate, but I really dislike the theme "Evolution" for some reason. Well, maybe next time.

  • If you're using C2, you can only participate in the 72h jam.

    I was going to participate, but I really dislike the theme "Evolution" for some reason. Well, maybe next time.

    who said that construct 2 can?t be used is LD24 (The competition)?

  • There's no reason games made with C2 couldn't be entered in the 48h compo.

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  • Most games in LD are created with Game Maker or Construct.

  • Oh it's you! I loved your Microchip game, never knew you were on these forums. Great work.


    Ok, maybe I misread/misunderstood the rules. It seems C2.cap counts as a code you can publish? I stand corrected.

    Good luck everyone!

  • I'm about to finish my LD Game Project.

    There is only a few things to do:

    • The music and sounds.
    • Change some bad sprites for other ones, more good.
    • Final Boss Level.
    • Main menu.

    Considering the difficulty of my game, that has been tested from about 4 people right now, I have decided to do only 6 game levels (not including conversations and the final boss level) to don't stress who plays it.

    I will publish the game right here and probably in arcade after LD ends.

    Good luck C2-Devs!

  • <img src="" border="0" />

    So, what?s up people? This is my game project, this is a great update because the game is finished right now. Now I will polish it in the hours that are left.

    But, the mechanics and the game in general are fine and It?s really playable now.

    If you like the impossible platformer games this IS YOUR GAME!

    So, there are some screenshots.

    The main menu:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    The main menu is composed by two buttons and a strange creature that talks to us, the first button is the ?GO PLAY? button and the second button.. uhm I?m talking too much. It?s a surprise!

    The main conversation with your high bro:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    After you say ?Strong? how strong?? There is a surprise answer by your brother. But it?s another surprise, you would play the game to discover what is it

    And the third screenshot, it is in-in-game and it shows you how bad I am:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    The secret in this in-in-game screenshot is the black blood. When you die, the black blood appears, impiding you to see well on where are you jumping. So it?s a difficultie of the game, just try to don?t die a lot of times ? like me :3

    There is a final boss that kills you a lot of times before you can kill him. So keep an eye on my game!

    So that?s all for now, tomorrow I will release the game for you guys, and I hope you enjoy it the much I enjoy?d developing it. So be sure to search ?Deal with It? in the game entry zone tomorrow!

    Thanks for reading,


  • devMidgard you have the most outlandish pixel style. Its awesome xD

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