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  • [quote:365az7fg]Scirra, the company behind Construct2, a great HTML5 game authoring framework, released “The Great HTML5 Gaming Performance Test: 2014 edition” weeks ago. In this test, they used a Construct2 based game demo and executed it in numerous environments. Surprisingly (and we want to think that by mistake), they did not include CocoonJS’ Canvas+ in the comparison, but to help Scirra provide as much information as possible, and to be fair to the Construct2 developer community that has been actively using CocoonJS, we have used the same demo in almost all of the same devices (and some interesting additional one like an iPad1 with iOS 5!). These are the results ... 4-edition/

    I hope someday they will update CocoonJS memory management too <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • I dont think it will happen any time soon, since they have never indicated it was a possibility.

    Games with CJS will have to be low/moderate with graphic assets for the foreseeable future. Saying that, it is a great compiler since it does offer better performance along with monetization options. And its great for both Android & iOS.

  • by the end of the year, phonegap + ios8 will be a very powerful solution.

    how will cocoon fair better than that?

  • CJS has a performance advantage, it still has when compared to Crosswalk which is a Chromium engine with WebGL acceleration.

    The question is, if CJS implements memory management, will other native compilers have their advantages?

    I'm talking a native app and not a mobile browser game.

  • PhoneGap on iOS 8 will be at least as fast as CocoonJS, since it has JIT compilation and built-in WebGL support.

    Crosswalk should also be at least as fast when the GPU is not blacklisted. I think Intel were going to add an option to skip the GPU blacklist to help work around that (at the cost of stability issues on some devices).

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  • Please, forget Crosswalk for a while Ashley! This is far from be viable. We need more support on CocoonJS that is far better. Please, include the updated CocconJS plugin on the next release of C2.

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