No luck with "Is on platform node-webkit"

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  • Hello, before I submit a bug report, I want to make sure it's not coming from my side.

    On my project, I want to go fullscreen only when in node-webkit, not in browser. Sure I can enable/disable the action when I export the project, but since there is a condition just for that, "is on platform", I figured I might just test in my "start layout" event if the platform matches (request fullscreen must be inside the "start layout" event in order to work if it's not triggered by a user input). This way I don't have to worry about it.

    Problem is, the condition is never true, even when it should, when it's actually running in node-webkit.

    I tried moving the condition in other places than start of layout and with other actions than fullscreen, never worked for me.

    Am I the only one? Has anyone actually tried to use it recently?

  • It's really broken right now, there no reason to use "Is on platform node-webkit"

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  • Yup, definitely broken, both in preview and export. Best to file that bug report.

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