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  • hello! so I am very, very...green to the game making scene.

    I have only started to build my first game on game maker and although I'm pretty into it - I know that there is something missing. I do not know any programming languages per se (that'd probably help, eh?), but I'm a fast learner and the little bit I've learned thus far has me frothing at the mouth for something...inherently deeper.

    I keep hearing about Construct, so I thought I'd browse around.

    Can anybody give me a tip on where to start with programming? Should I take a class or two on C++?

    Sorry for the nubileness

  • Start learning Construct instead of c++. You can learn c++ later.

  • Very cool ! I will try!

    I should've added that I'm not using the drag and drop features on game maker.. (except to even execute my scripts and codes, it still feels like I'm dragging and dropping....lol)

  • I also don't want any one to think that I'm trying to invade your community. I promise I won't bring a whole bunch of people who have never programmed before with me unless you want me to ha ha 0:)

  • C2 is low entry bareer, aimed specially at people with no programming knowledge.

    But learning to make games with C2 you'll be learning the logic of programming. If you absolutely feel you need to learn programming, go ahead and self-teach yourself with the billions of tutorials available on the internet on C++ or any language.

    If you you want to make games, start with Construct2's beginner's guide and follow up with more tutorials/manual entries/blog articles.

    You'll learn little by little to program, and you'll even be able to dive deep into coding making some plugin using C2's SDK

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  • Welcome to the forums Nightswim!

    In regards to your programming question,it'd really depend on what you're really trying to accomplish and how dedicated you are: If you want to make some simple games for fun,C2 is the way to go! If you're serious about game-dev then by all means start learning an O-OBPL like C++ or #; which will be infinitely better in the long run!

    ... BUT, and there's always a but, it will take you months to learn how to do things that C2 can do in minutes, simply because C2 does a tonne of your background work for you.

    Reading up on logical statements and reverse engineering some classic games is an excellent start IMO, and I have yet to think of something 2D that C2 cannot handle.

  • Construct2 is a great place to start. If you want to dive into writing your own programs rather than using a tool, I don't recommend learning C++ at first. It has the steepest learning curve of any widely-used language. Instead, learn JavaScript. The free tutorial Eloquent JavaScript is very good. With JavaScript, you can make a web app using HTML, a Windows 8 app, or a server-side app using Node.js. JavaScript is really a versatile language.

  • I agree with Learning JavaScript is a great place to start - you can use it with Construct 2 (which in my opinion is the best place to start) and can then move onto 3D with Unity (which supports JavaScript) if you so desire. After that, moving onto C# in Unity will make you very employable and the transition is painless.

  • Nightswim,

    I have found Construct to be awesome.

    I also tried GM but found the GUI a little annoying (not to say it is not a good tool, after all it has been around a long time).

    Construc2 is very well laid out and intuitive to use - you will find yourself doing cool stuff in a very short time - just do a few tuts and your off!

    It seams to me that the posters above know a thing or two about programming in various languages. Having said that they also use Contruct2 to make games. If you havn't already done so give Mortar Melon a go - it is very cool game - and it is not the only great game made with Constuct2. So you can make great games and have fun doing so, which is always a great way to learn!

    Many years ago I got my introduction to programming (so to speak) using a tool called Layout 4 Windows which used what they called BlackBoxes (basically blocks of code) that you just stringed together to make desktop programs. After doing that for a bit I went onto VB and now use VS.net. What I learned from Layout helped me to pick up those languages relatively easy.

    I really think that Construct2 will help you do the same.

  • I've been around the block and I would advise using C2 to learn programming logic. Also, there's nothing like immediate feedback for learning and that's where C2 excels. Then if you decide you want to learn actual programming, it'll be so much easier. All you need to learn then is syntax... and OOP... and maths.. and so on.

    mattharrington, nice site. Might have to check that out when I can be bothered to do some plugins ;p

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